Los Angeles School of Comedy | Page to the Stage: Comedy Workshop
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Page to the Stage: Comedy Workshop

This course is designed to help you build confidence to take that first step onto the stage!

Learn all the, tips, techniques, and fundamentals in order to begin or sustain a successful stand-up comedy career.

Also beneficial for the Veteran Comedian

The Course Includes:

• Four stand-up comedy classes
• Guest speakers
• Taped Debut Performance at a prominent Hollywood Comedy Club!!!

This is a 4 week workshop where you learn to write and perform stand-up comedy. Page to the Stage will help you develop a style, rhythm, and cadence that will truly convey your comedic persona. We will help you develop and enhance your comedic writing and perspective and as you develop your craft you will create a unique stand up performance

Now Enrolling

Contact Sue Katz for more information:

(310) 470-1939


Price: $450.00