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James Harris

jamesJames Harris (The Ice Man), co-host of “James and Sunda” on JLTV. He wrote his first script when he was an undergraduate student at Brandeis University. The script was sold and produced by an independent production company. The movie, Sex and Bullets, is available on DVD, and stars Judd Nelson, Seymour Cassel, and Joe Viterelli. James,who hails from Long Island New York, was the humor columnist for The National Enquirer where his two columns, Laugh Track and Scandal Meter, ran weekly. The co-host of “Laugh Factory All Access with Dom Irrera,” James wrote for Laugh Factory’s “TBS…Very Funny” and “The Supreme Court of Comedy.” James has written shows for ShowTime, HBO, DirecTV, and Broadway. He performs his standup routine weekly at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, around the country, and has been seen on HBO and VH-1.

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